Ceramic vs. Aluminum Bezel

The world of watches is vast and very different. You can find anything based on your taste and mood.

When purchasing a watch, you pay attention to all its parts to buy a suitable piece of accessories. And the watches on the market won’t let you down in making a choice.

The bezel is one of the most common pieces in a watch that catches eyes, and people care about its look.

Watch bezel is one of the essential things in a watch and can act as a controller. But let’s see what a bezel is and its job in our watches.

Generally, we have 2 types of bezels which are fixed and moveable. They can be made of different materials—for instance, ceramic or stainless steel as aluminum.

Here we want to give more information on which one is better ceramic or aluminum. Ceramic vs. Aluminum Bezel, which one is better?


In this article, we will go through these topics:

  1. What is the bezel?
  2. The Ceramic bezel.
  3. The Aluminum Bezel.
  4. The Ceramic vs. Aluminum Bezel (pros & cons)

If you want to know which type of bezel is better, keep reading this paper.

Ceramic vs Aluminum Bezel

What is the bezel?

A bezel is placed around your watch’s display. They also have different designs. These components can be fixed or moveable.

They can be marked and have numbers on them. They also are uni-directional or bi-directional.

Almost all the watches have this ring around them celled bezel. Now I want to mention some of the most common types of bezels here so that you can comprehend them better.

These are the most common bezels:

  • Plain Bezel
  • Fluted Bezel
  • Tachymeter Bezel
  • Slide Rule Bezel
  • Pulsometer Bezel
  • Count-Up / Countdown Bezels
  • Telemeter Bezel
  • GMT Bezel

These are different bezels with different types of users in other watches. Besides the style, they are made with different materials; the most common ones are aluminum, steel, and recently, ceramic.

We want to know more about the ceramic and aluminum bezel in the following section. At the end of the article, we compare them and mention their pros and cons.

So, if you are close to purchasing a watch and are stuck between Ceramic and Aluminum Bezel, keep reading so you can choose one based on your perspective.

At first, we begin with the ceramic bezel. Shall we?

The Ceramic bezel

In the year 2005, the Rolex company introduced Ceramic bezels. As its name represents, ceramic bezels are made of ceramic and have been used in the watch industry very recently. The ceramic bezels have been known only for the past decade.

They are made with high pressure and temperature, which makes them highly durable, resistant, and scratch-proof.

If you are wondering where the silky shine comes from in these bezels, you need to know after making ceramic bezels; they are polished with diamond dust.

Some of the most popular watches with ceramic bezels are:

  1. IWC Aquatimer Perpetual Calendar Digital Date-Month Edition “50 Years Aquatimer”
  2. Tudor Fastrider Black Shield
  3. TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-01 Chronograph in Black Ceramic
  4. Jaquet Droz Grande Seconde Ceramic

What are the pros and cons of Ceramic bezels?

  1. The ceramic bezels are substantial, and they won’t scratch.
  2. Material may crack if enough pressure is applied.
  3. They are more expensive compared with aluminum or steel bezels.

Now that you are a whole idea about the ceramic bezels, we want to move on to the aluminum bezels and see how they are.

Ceramic vs Aluminum Bezel

The Aluminum Bezel

The aluminum bezels have been used almost from the beginning and are old, so they represent a vintage style for the watch collectors. The aluminum bezels are not aligned with Rolex’s goal of being everlasting watches.

Some of the aluminum bezels are made of anodized aluminum for better corrosion resistance. But these are apt to scratching and denting.

Some of the most popular watches with aluminum bezels are:

  2. Christopher Ward C60 300
  3. Rolex Day Date 40 Whitegold Silver Stripe Motif Dial 228239 Unworn 2021
  4. Rolex Submariner Date Yellow Gold 126618LB Fullset

What are the pros and cons of aluminum bezels?

  1. It won’t shatter easily.
  2. It costs less than ceramic bezels.
  3. Less duration regarding discoloration and scratching.
  4. Its details will fade away after a while.

Ok, we are finished exploring these two bezels one by one. We want to compare The Ceramic and Aluminum Bezel and see their pros and cons.

The Ceramic vs. Aluminum Bezel (pros & cons)

To better look at the ceramic bezel and the aluminum bezel, we want to show you a table in which you can see all the information better.

As you already know, ceramic bezels have been recently invented, and they are more durable and resistant in complex situations.

On the other hand, the aluminum bezels are easy to produce, and they have a vintage look that you can’t let go of.

For more information, check the table below.

The Ceramic vs. Aluminum Bezel pros and cons table:

  Price Discoloration resistance Replacement cost Pressure resistance Shatter resistant
Ceramic Bezel expensive high high high low
Aluminum Bezel cheap low low low high


Both Aluminum bezels and Ceramic bezels have their pros and cons, and you need to choose them based on your needs and style.

In this article, we just tried to gather all the advantages and disadvantages of the ceramic and aluminum bezels and allow you to choose between them.

On a final note,

Here in this paper, we look at the aluminum and Ceramic bezels and their advantages and disadvantages.

If you want to buy a strong and long-lasting watch, you should know that ceramic bezel watches are more robust than aluminum and steel bezels.

But if you want to go with a cheaper and shatter-resistant watch, you can choose the aluminum bezels.

Here is the “Ceramic vs. Aluminum Bezel” article. We hope you have received all the answers to your questions about these bezels.

You can ask us in the section below if there is something left. We will gladly answer you.

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