Hands-on review: Zodiac Olympos

The industry of wristwatches in the 21st century has come a long way.

There are almost two types of watches: Sports and Formals.

Some people like to have innovation on their wrists, meaning they are looking for a watch with unique qualities and features, which is what we will be doing in this article; if you remember, we reviewed some of the excellent models of the Swiss world of watches.

In this article, we will be going back to 1882 to discover a new brand, the Zodiac.

Every watch brand has a specific signature move on their products, but the Zodiac has the most special signature in our eyes.

Today we will be reviewing the Zodiac Olympos watches.

This collection has three watches in total, but considering the configuration, all of them are the same; the only thing setting them apart is the design of the watches in the end.

Now let’s get started with the article and take a closer look at the Zodiac Olympos watches; this article will have some shocking facts, so come with us.

Review Watch Zodiac Olympos

Overall view of the Zodiac Olympos

As you know, Swiss watches like Rolex, Omega, Patek Philippe, and Richard Mille are high-end watch companies, meaning that while they have so much to offer on their timepieces, they have a bold sense of pricing.

In simple words, they are pretty expensive.

But the watch we are reviewing today, the Zodiac Olympos, has a different story.

This brand was first founded in 1882 by the Ariste Calame. He gets a workshop and starts mastering the watch calibers, and many years later, the Zodiac watches are one of the best build and fair-priced watches in the world.

The Zodiac Olympos watches are unique; let us tell you why.

First, keep in mind that most of the Swiss watches that we review here have the same idea behind their design, whether it’s the formal watches or the sports ones.

But the Zodiac has an entirely different design and builds the idea.

The features on this watch are subtle but effective, and this watch has a quality that we have never seen in another Swiss brand, even Rolex.

Could you keep reading to find out what it is?

However, looking from the durability perspective, this watch has average durability like the rest of the eyes, and there is nothing special like the Oyster steel or grade two titanium. However, it is fair to say that this watch is durable enough for everyday use.

Now that we have an overall view, let’s get into the detailed analysis.

The durability of the Zodiac Olympos

The Zodiac prides itself on the innovative design of the body that it has, but what does design have to do with durability?

As we mentioned in some of our previous articles, the structure pattern of the watch has a significant role in the durability of a wristwatch, and this one does it the best way.

The Zodiac Olympos watch uses stainless steel as the primary material on its body and the frame. The shape of the dial is circular however body of the watch doesn’t match the shape of the dial.

The structure of the frame and the crown are unique in that they increase the sustainability of the watch body; this means that it won’t bend that easily.

The front glass on this watch is made from Quartz crystals with a layer of anti-reflective coating, this prevents the glass from reflecting the direct sunlight into your eyes, and the crystal protects the glass in front of any scratch or other dangers.

As we said in the overall view, the Zodiac Olympos has nothing noteworthy except the body’s shape regarding durability.

However, we are not saying that this watch lacks durability, yet there is a lot of space for improvement; on the other hand, when you keep the price in mind, you have to be satisfied with these results.

Now let’s move on to the design of the Olympos.

Full review Zodiac Olympos Watch

The design of the Zodiac Olympos

The Zodiac Olympos didn’t impress us much in the last section, but this part is fantastic.

As we said, the shape of the case in this model is different, and the crown’s placement is also a clever move.

The watch’s case looks like a silver shield with a timepiece in the center.

This design is so unique that, at first glance, you will not be able to take your eyes off this watch. The dial comes in two forms:

  • Textured fiber carbon (matte)
  • Silver or gold (shiny)

Every one of the dial finishes has a personality and identity; the watch hands are minimalistic and made from the same silver as the case of the watch.

This collection only comes in straps, and all of the straps available for this model are American buffalo leather.

While there are a few design points that we can tend to, this watch is a simple piece, and there is nothing to say about it. But we got impressed by the design factors on the Zodiac Olympos.

Let’s get to the watch’s features and see what excited us for the section.

Special features of the Zodiac Olympos

Before getting to the signature feature, let’s talk about the water-resistance rate of the Olympos.

As you know, this watch is not a diver watch meaning that we cannot expect 300 meters water resistance range.

This watch has a 5 ATM water resistance rate 57 meters deep into the water. This quality is not necessary, but the fact that they included it in the watch shows dedication.

Now, remember we talked about power reserve in Swiss watches? This quality uses a particular component inside the watch, allowing the timepiece to keep working for a specific time after removing the battery.

Well, the Zodiac Olympos doesn’t have a battery slot!!!

But how does it works then? If you ask.

The same component with the power reserve mechanism works in this watch; however it uses the pulse from your heartbeat to power up the watch, long story short, this watch will work as long as you do.

This watch doesn’t have any special editions; however, some Olympos models have silver or gold used on the dial of their watches.

The price of the Zodiac Olympos starts at $850, and it goes up to $1,300; this price is fantastic for a watch with these qualities.

This was all there to know about the features of the Zodiac Olympos; what do you say we conclude this article here and get to the conclusion?

Zodiac Olympos Watch review

On a final note

The Zodiac is one of the Swiss watch companies that manufacture calibers and exclusive watches for a meager price.

In this article, we talked about the Zodiac Olympos, one of the three-piece collections of the Zodiac Company.

We figured out that this watch has some subtle qualities and features that make it unique. Still, considering the price and the factors we listed in this article if you are on a budget and want to get a high-end watch, this is probably the best option.

However, before deciding on anything, make sure that you read this article top to bottom to understand the watch.

We thank you for your time and appreciate your accompanying us through this article.

If you have any opinions on the “Hands-on review: Zodiac Olympos “article, you can contact us, and we will address your concerns.


How low is the price of Zodiac watches?

  • Considering the quality of the watches that this brand manufactures, the prices on the Zodiac models are meager; some even start at $300.

Is Zodiac an American brand?

  • the Zodiac is one of the Swiss watch manufacturers that started its work in 1883; since then, the company’s headquarters has been in Switzerland.

Is the Zodiac Olympos worth buying?

  • It depends on the kind of watch you want; if you are looking for a watch that is not too expensive and high-end at the same time, yes, you should get this watch. But read this article to know this watch better and then decide.
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