Hands on review: Seiko SPB143

Devotion to a luxury watch is one of the characteristics of most humans these days.

However, every individual has a different taste and liking, but one thing is obvious: a luxury watch affects our style and self-esteem.

You have seen us talking about $10,000 luxury watches and how they are great? No, of course, they are decent and brilliant. Yet, they are much more expensive; statistics show that 7 out of 10 people in most countries don’t have the income or resources to purchase a luxury watch.

So, to solve this issue, we will discuss a particular watch or a budget luxury watch.

The Seiko SPB143.

This watch can offer you everything that a $12,000 look can but is slightly different and odd.

This watch’s features and characteristics are precisely what we expected, and we have to say that if you are looking for a budget watch, this article will excite you.

So, let’s start with the Seiko SPB143 full review, shall we?

Full review of the Spb143 watch

Overall view of the Seiko SPB143

The Seiko SPB143 is the product of the Grand Seiko Company, which produces high-end wrist watches throughout japan to the rest of the world.

This watch takes place in two subcategories regarding the Seiko series collections; the Seiko SPB143 is identified as a member of the Prospex group and, after that, the sea collection.

Each collection says a small detail about the timepiece, but it is up to you to figure it out.

The built quality of the Seiko SPB143 watch is in the average range; we cannot say this watch has the best durability because it doesn’t.

But as you may know, you should lower your expectations when observing a budget watch.

On the other hand, the watch’s design is very close to the original Prospex on the Seiko collections; interestingly, they say this watch is a heritage to older Pro specs.

And in the end, we come to the unique features of the Seiko SPB143 and let’s make one fact clear; this watch isn’t the best in parts; it only has the standard features and no more; however, we will be discussing them in the feature section.

Since right now, you know what we are dealing with in this statement, so let’s start the detailed review of the Seiko SPB143.

The durability of the Seiko SPB143

Most of our models have decent durability because our first factor in measuring the durability level of a timepiece is the material that the company uses in the case and the watch’s bracelet.

With the same set of minds, the Seiko SPB143 is a decent watch because the material used in this watch is the most used one yet.

The front and back case of the Seiko SPB143 consists of stainless steel all around, and in the spirit of making a change, Seiko covered the whole body of the watch with a super-hard coating.

This coating includes resin and other substances that increase the watch’s durability by %20.

The next factor in durability is the front glass and the material that consists of it.

The glass on this watch is made from pure sapphire crystals, and we might add that the glass on this watch is curved, so it is resistant to pressure more than flat glasses.

The last factor we will discuss is the straps and bracelets of the Seiko SPB143.

Fortunately, the bracelets on this watch are only one model, and that’s metal; because of the original Prospex watch, the design of the bracelet is pretty much the same.

Overall, for a budget watch, we can clear that the Seiko SPB143 is one of the watches to consider; now, let’s move to the design.

Watchs Spb143 Full review

The design of the Seiko SPB143

The placement choices on the dial are odd, or it would be better to say that the dimensions of the remarks on the dial are unusual.

The dial of the Seiko SPB143 contains three watch hands for the time showing purpose and a date indicator.

Besides all this, you can see that the hour indexes or remarks are enormous for such a small dial. However, this is the style of Prospex, meaning that this has been going on for a long time.

All of the elements on the watch face are infused with Lumibright substances so they would glow in the dark for better use.

The next matter is the bezel; it is made from the same material as the body; however, it is matte and can get rotated only on the unidirectional side.

The curved glass and the screw-in crown are very dashing and raise the watch’s value by almost by %40.

Ultimately, the Seiko SPB143 has a decent design, but we cannot say it is perfect because that would be a lie.

Let’s move on to the features section of the document:

Special features of the Seiko SPB143

It is true that we always wholly explain all the features; however, today, we will only list the features and briefly explain them.

The first feature is one that we cannot deny, and we expected it, the water resistance up to almost 200 meters deep in the waters.

We can say that this watch is a full-on diver.

The second feature is the power reserve quality, which is, thanks to the new caliber of Seiko, is up to almost 70 hours, meaning that even after removing the battery from the watch, it would keep working until the power reserve ends.

The last feature would be the bezel and its rotation; there are some watches where you have to rotate the bezel to get a new time zone; however, in this version of bezels, you can use the unidirectional bezel to adjust the time on a certain level.

Now that you are fully aware of the features of the Seiko SPB143 model, we shall get to the last part of the article, and then we can decide about this watches fate.


As we mentioned earlier, a budget watch is a great option to own a new luxury watch, and you still don’t have to pay thousands of dollars.

In this article, we talked about the Seiko SPB143 and its small but effective qualities, but our main concern was about the performance of the watch.

However, this watch surprised us.

The price of this model starts at $900, and it can be up to $1,400; considering that Seiko is one of the luxury brands, this price is quite fair.

And if you are looking for a decent watch that gives you luxury vibes, you may keep this article in mind.

Overall, we are delighted that you chose this article to find out about the Seiko SPB143; if you have any further questions about the “Hands-on review: Seiko SPB143 ” article, make sure to contact us in the reply section below this article.


Is the Grand Seiko a luxury brand?

  • Indeed it is. Seiko is one of the Japanese companies that are currently producing high-end timepieces.

Is the Seiko SPB143 worth it?

  • You cannot expect the absolute best from this watch because it is a budget watch; however, this watch actually can be pretty suitable for formal and everyday use.

Where is the Grand Seiko?

  • As we mentioned, Seiko is a company in Japan, and the headquarters are mainly located in Tokyo and other significant areas.
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