How to Wind Seiko 5 Automatic Watch

As you know, we have seen, used, and loved many watches in the time-pieces market.

They each had a different aspect that made them unique to the person that wears them, and these factors are essential for a watch you will have on your wrist every day.

Remember that one of the actions you usually had to take in the olden days was the winding of the watch, which was a hassle because it would take a long time, and the system wasn’t that efficient.

In this article, we will be talking about the Seiko watches and the Seiko 5 automatic.

We will be telling you how the winding system works and the factors in its accuracy, and then we will discuss automatically winding the Seiko watch.

If you are wondering why your automatic watch would need manual winding, keep reading to find out more.

Now that you know what topics we will discuss, let’s get to the next section and officially start the article, shall we?

How to Wind Seiko 5 Automatic Watch

What is the winding system, and why is it crucial for the watch?

As you know, some systems are in place that makes the watch’s caliber and the whole interior work properly.

As you know, most watches on the market need a battery; these watches wind the watch using the energy from the watch’s battery. However, this method got old when the new generation of the calibers entered the market.

The calibers that needed additional parts and energy to work will be working with the movement of the hand. This is a significant breakthrough in the watch-making industry because it eliminates the batteries from this world.

The winding system of the watch is a swirly spring that will spin tight and then be released slowly, and the result will be moving the caliber and the watch hands to show you the time—this winding process used to be manual in most watches.

Whenever you wanted to keep your watch from stopping work, you had to spin the crown several times, which would wind the clock to work further.

But when automatic watches came to the market, the interior of the watches changed.

These watches have a loose component inside of them which had the responsibility of moving when you move your wrist, and this component would wind the watch automatically.

So, these watches are evolving day by day. However, if you are a watch lover and you own a Seiko 5 and want to wind it manually, just come to the next section of the statement, where we will tell you how you could adequately incorporate the Seiko 5 automatic.

Let’s get to the next section.

How to Wind Seiko 5 Automatic Watch

How to wind the Seiko 5 automatically, manually?

As we have mentioned in the previous section of the statement, there are ways that you can manually wind your Seiko 5 automatic watch and if you want to also know about these methods, just come with us.

First, you have to know that disassembling the watch is dangerous for individuals who do not have the training to open watches like this.

Let’s get to the tutorials.

· Method 1

The first method we will discuss involves using the involves crown o the watch and opening the back case of the watch up.

You have to open the back case of the watch, and then you will see the loos component that we were talking about, and after shaking the watch a couple of times, you have to turn the watch back and locate the winding spring and then shake the component until the spring is fully winded.

Then make sure to place the back case of the watch properly.

In some waterproof watches, this method is useless because it will eliminate the waterproof aspect of the watches.

· Method 2

The second method we have in hand is much simpler than the last one, and you don’t have to remove the back case of the watch as well.

In this method, you have to shake the watch for at least 1 minute and then start spinning the crown in a clockwise order, guaranteeing that your spring will be appropriately charged.

Keep in mind that these watches use the same crown to set the watch time, so make sure that your watch crown is pressed all the way because when it is up, it will control the watch hands.

These two methods are essential to wind your Seiko 5 automatic watch properly; remember that these solutions only work for watches that do not use a battery.

Now let’s get to the end of the article and finish the statement.


Wristwatches you see every day on the market are unique n design, and all of the components inside of these watches and this fantastic innovation that you wear every day are the result of working for many years.

Sometimes these watches do not have the accessibility you are looking for, and they would encounter some problems.

Winding the watch is one of these obstacles that we have to mention.

This article discussed the Seiko 5 automatic watch winding and then explained the winding system overall. We hope you enjoyed this information.

In the end, we are happy that you could make it to the end of the “How to Wind Seiko 5 Automatic Watch?” article and if you have any additional inquiries or suggestions, make sure to share them with us.


Why do you have to wind an automatic watch?

  • Sometimes the component responsible for winding the watch won’t work, and you have to use an alternative option which we have explained in the article.

Is Seiko 5 watching a manual winding?

  • Indeed, this watch is automatic and needs no winding; however, in some situations, you must compromise and wind the watch manually.

Is winding watches hard?

  • As mentioned in the article, it depends on the watch you are using; if it is a waterproof watch, it will be hard. However, there is still a way; make sure to read the article.
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